About us

> The META Citizen Collective (Metèques et Aliens) is a hub , an interconnection zone for the setting up of pirate utopias in the Loire Valley.

> Alternative public service, intelligence agency, creative office for the defense of rights and freedoms, supervision of supervisors, and the uncompromising reduction of the digital divide in second-class and third-class settlements.

> Fight for the free circulation of knowledge, the protection of the privacy of citizens and the transparency of institutions.

> Independent and mobile exploratory able to broadcast information at very high speed via internets.


Since 2012, CC.META has collaborated spontaneously, unpredictably, without predetermined protocol and without hierarchy with people, associations, unions and organizations around sensitive topics touching the social fracture and the neutrality of the networks.

CC.META is a member of the Electronic Frontier Foundation
and the Global Net Neutrality Coalition .